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Unable to print Credit Memos with RAXINV_SEL
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Problem Description
You are running the Invoice Print Selected Invoices (RAXINV_SEL) report. The parameter 'Open Invoices Only' is set to 'No'. The report produces no information for a Credit Memo or range of Credit Memos except the headings and the Currency.

AR responsibility
Print Documents > Invoices

Solution Description
Setup > Transactions > Transaction Types

Query up all Transaction Types with class Credit Memo.

Check if the Printing Option field is set to 'Not Print' or 'Print'
for those transaction types to which the Credit Memos you are trying
to print belongs.

If set to 'Not Print', the Credit Memo for the Transaction Type will not
be printable but the field can be changed to 'Print' from 'Not Print'.
This will enable new Credit Memo's created after the change to be printable.

What follows is a datafix to print already existing Credit Memos in the system. Execute the following sql to change all existing Credit Memo's from 'Not Print' to 'Print'.

update ra_cust_trx_types_all
set default_printing_option = 'PRI'
where type = 'CM'

This script can be modified to enable more specific changes.

When a Credit Memo/Invoice/.. is created in AR, the documents are tied to a Transaction Type and inherits the values setup for the Transaction Type including the Printing Option flag. If the Printing Option field is set to 'Not Print', the document will not be printable from any report.

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