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Important Things To Save First During Calamity

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When calamities happen, it is important that you know what to do, and that includes not just saving yourself but also being equipped with the right objects and things you need to salvage amid the calamity.

Some of us have already experienced what it feels like to be in a middle of a flood, a storm, or a hurricane. There are even instances that we are necessitated to evacuate, and while we can always salvage and restore our homes through water damage restoration Grand Junction services after the calamity, there are things that cannot be restored once taken by the flood, and so it is necessary to save them when the calamity happens.

Here are the things that you need to prepare before the calamity:

1.Identification Card

There are important reasons why ID is important. First, when you travel to certain areas that are free from calamity, you may need to present your identification card. Second, there are situations that you may need to present your ID when transacting with any bank account. Third, you may need it when you are registering for help. This is because when evacuations happen, there is a possibility that the authorities will need to keep a record of the people who are rescued and your ID will authentic evidence of your identity.


After the calamity, you will need some food, transport, fuel, water, and more, and your credit card may not be the fastest option you have. Therefore, it is important to keep with you some cash in case of an emergency.

3.Water filter and water

Studies show that you can survive days without food, but never without water. Thus, to be prepared, the ideal amount of water you need to save is 1 gallon of water per day per person for sanitation and drinking, as recommended by the United States government. Keep one full bottle of water in your bag for drinking and a water filter to be able to filter more water.


A whistle is an important tool to be found or to call someone. If you are trapped, you will need to signal the rescuers of your location as you may never be equipped with any mobile device once trapped in a place.

5.First aid kit

It is important to have some first aid kit whenever there is a calamity as injuries may occur everywhere. To avoid further infection, it is necessary to clean and disinfect the wound immediately while you are trapped in a place.

You can tart ith scissors, gauze, bandages, pain killer,s hydrogen peroxide, and medicine you need if you have maintenance.

6.Cell phone charger and radio

Assume that there will be no power for at least a day when a calamity happens, and so it is important to save some batteries and radio, solar-powered if possible, for you to be updated with what is happening especially when you are trapped in a certain spot and you need help.

While saving your life is very important, having to save some important things we mentioned here will make your life easier in times of calamities.

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