What Happens if You Get Injured at Work?

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Accidents can happen everywhere, including at work. As a worker, you have several rights protecting you against work-related illnesses and injuries. It is important for companies to have adequate protection for their employees if any untoward incident happens to them while working.  


It is the responsibility of the employer to make the workplace safe for everyone. It should be free from all known dangers and hazards that may cause physical injuries or even death. They should employ all the safety standards that are mandated by the industry and the government bodies to ensure that everybody’s health and well-being is protected.  

Work-Related Personal Injury  

There are many reasons why personal injuries happen at a workplace and most of the time, it is due to employer negligence. When your employer fails to comply with the prevailing safety laws and standards, then they become liable for the injuries that you sustained. You become entitled to for a worker’s compensation claim.  

Worker’s compensation insurance is a mandatory coverage of all business entities in the United States. All workers should be covered by this insurance. It’s part of the company’s effort to maintain a safe working environment for all employees. In case anything happens, there’s an insurance fund that would cover for their hospitalization, rehabilitation, and lost wages.  

Who is Eligible for a Worker’s Compensation Claim? 

Almost all workers are eligible to receive compensation in case they get injured while on the job. However, there is some exception to the rule, such as agricultural workers, domestic workers, and casual employees. In some instances, harbor, railroad, and shipyard workers are not covered as well, along with some federal workers. But while these workers aren’t covered by the worker’s compensation covered enforced by the state, they are covered by federal legislation instead.  

When to File for Claims  

If you need help in filing a worker’s compensation claim, then you need to consult with a Houston personal injury lawyer. However, there are certain criteria that have to be met before you can be granted the proceeds.  

Essentially, this compensation package is no-fault, which means you can file a claim regardless of who caused the accident. It’s even possible to file a claim even if you broke some safety rules at work. But then, there are also reasons why an insurance company may deny your claim.  

If the injury is caused by horseplay, willful misconduct, use of illegal drug and alcohol, and intentional self-infliction of the injuries. These are the reasons when you can’t possibly file for a worker’s compensation claim because even if you do, you’ll get denied. If you want to make sure, you may hire a Houston personal injury lawyer to consult with and represent you in court.  

It’s also necessary to report the injury to their employer within 120 days. If you go past this deadline, then the claim may also be denied. Again, you can talk to a lawyer to know more about the specifics of personal injury claims in your state. These laws may vary from one state to another so you better consult with the right professionals.  


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